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Welcome to Snag My Build, one of the UK's leading providers of snagging surveys and reports! Our professional surveyors have an in depth knowledge of the new build, home renovation and extension sectors. This experience, coupled with the latest in high-tech surveying equipment, means your property is quality checked to only the highest of industry standards! All our surveyors are RPSA registered for your added peace of mind. We look forward to working with you!

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Why hire a professional snagging surveyor?

A professionally compiled snagging report carried out by an RPSA certified surveyor will help you if:


You’re not sure where to start:

Creating a logical, sequenced snag report that your developer or builder takes seriously is absolutely imperative. Our new build snagging reports are sequenced room by room, defect by defect in a very detailed and professional manner that meet all industry standards. This provides complete clarity for you as to what requires attention and gives your builder or developer a step-by-step punch list to complete.


You lack experience:

Not everybody is a qualified surveyor right?! If you don't know what to look for and how to look for it, compiling a professional snagging report may be extremely difficult...not to mention, that not everybody has all the high-tech equipment and surveying tools that are required to complete a comprehensive snag list! Our time served, RSPA certified, surveyors have an in-depth knowledge of the domestic construction industry and possess all the skills and equipment required to quality check your property to the highest of industry standards.


You demand only the highest of quality:

You're paying or have paid a lot of money for your new property or extension project, therefore it's only right that you demand the highest of quality and standards! Our professional snagging surveyors appreciate this and treat each home as if it were their own. We ensure all snags and defects are detected and logically documented so that you get the quality you have paid for and deserve. We can even arrange a follow-up inspection to ensure all noted defects have been fixed to the correct standard.

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Services offered

New build snagging reports

New Build Snagging

Are you buying or have you bought a new build property? If so, this is probably the largest investment you will ever make. Therefore, ensuring the property is free from defects and safe for your family to live in is absolutely paramount. You have 2 years from date of purchase to notify your developer of any issues or defects. So even if you've lived in your property for some time, it's not too late!

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Snag Your House Extension

Extension Snagging

Have you just had an extension or renovation completed at your property? Is completion nearing and your builder is requesting their final payment or retention release? If so, now is the time to get a snagging professional in to compile a detailed snag list for the works. This will enable you to hold your builder to account and give them a detailed punch list to be completed prior to final payment release.

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Questions? Of course..

We understand that you will have many questions regarding the snagging of your new property or home extension? Please see some of the most common ones answered below:


What is a snag?

A snag is generally a small defect or problem that remains in your new build property or home extension after the building work has been completed. It is normally something that is damaged, broken, not fitted correctly or looks completely unfinished. An example of a minor snag is a missing hinge on a door or poor decoration detailing to a wall or ceiling. Most are cosmetic, however more serious defects can arise such as major cracks and kitchen appliances that are not fitted properly.


What is a snag list?

A snag list, put simply, is a detailed and logical list of defects in a new build property or home extension. They are produced after a visual inspection of recent building work and are carried out by a qualified professional snagging inspector or a new home buyer. A variety of professionals are qualified to carry out snagging inspections, including experienced construction industry professionals. They are known in the trade as "snaggers". All of our "snaggers" are professional surveyors who are all registered with the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA).


Can't I snag my own home?

Yes, absolutely you can! However, It is always advisable to get a professional to create your snag list as they will find more defects than a layperson and will provide a detailed list in a format that your developer and or builder will take seriously. Remember, your house builder is not obliged to inform you about the defects that they are aware of, so It is always a case of buyer be cautious! All our surveyors are RSPA registered and work to a structured framework recognised industry wide.


When should I have an inspection?

Ideally, your new build inspection should be completed prior to legal completion. Or in the case of an extension, prior to practical completion. This allows your developer or builder to complete works detailed on the report before you move in or use the new space. However, some developers do not allow access to the property prior to completion. In this case, we recommend having the inspection completed just after your completion.

If you have already moved in, it is still fine to get the snag inspection done asap. By law you have a right to ask your developer to fix any snags within 2 years of your completion date.


What does a snag inspection cover?

A professional snagger will check every aspect of the interior and exterior of your new home or house extension that is accessible and visible. They will also check the garden, driveways, garage, roof and guttering. We utilise all the latest high-tech surveying equipment to assist in a comprehensive detailed inspection, such as drones, thermal imaging cameras, lasers and the like.

I would never have been able to compile such a comprehensive and detailed snagging report on my own. Your help and advice was invaluable. The professional report produced enabled me to get the highest quality from my developer and likely saved me thousands of pounds in the long term. Thanks again.

— Karen S; Oxfordshire.

Where do we work?

Broadly speaking, we operate within a 65 mile radius of our Gloucestershire base, as shown here on the map. However, we are happy to travel further for an additional charge. We also have qualified RSPA registered snagging fulfilment partners located all over the UK, so please do contact us even if your property is located outside the boundaries shown on the map.

*If your property is located further afield, then we reserve the right to quote for the inspection and our normal services cannot be booked directly through our website.

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